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I  have been practicing law in Tupelo, Mississippi since 1989. The vast  majority of my private practice is adoptions, but I handle some other  cases as well. 

I’m a member of the  American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and have handled about 1500 adoptions. Services offered include:

*  Agency adoptions   

*  Private adoptions   

*  Interstate adoptions   

*  Obtaining Mississippi Birth Certificates after foreign adoptions   

*  Birth-parent representation   

*  Surrogacy cases 

I do not have a source of children for you to adopt. For that, I refer you to New Beginnings, an adoption agency here in Tupelo (662-842-6752). I work closely with New Beginnings and handle their adoptions. 



Mississippi law is  generally very favorable to adoption. If we obtain signatures from both  natural parents, an adoption can be finalized a few days after the child  is born. Mississippi Courts have jurisdiction even though the adoptive  parents reside in another state. You return home immediately -  Interstate Compact (ICPC) does not apply since the adoption is already  final. 

Even if only one signature  is obtained, we can still often give a much better deal to adoptive  parents than the standard arrangement. Interstate Compact, termination  of the father’s rights and a final decree are all included in the  "package deal" price. You save the cost of hiring an attorney to file  the adoption in your state. Most adoptive parents are very pleasantly  surprised by the cost and how quickly the process goes. You typically  only go to Court once - while you are here to get the child*. 

New Beginnings’ maternity  care center is available if a birth mother needs a place to stay.  Services offered include room, board, adult supervision, rides to the  doctor and whatever else is needed. 

Licensed foster parents are available to care for the baby, should the need arise.   

I did a question and answer radio program on adoption.  You  can listen to the podcast to get some basic information on adoption and  hear me wax eloquent.  The show is called In Legal Terms, and my program  aired January 26, 2015 on Mississippi Public Radio.    


 Feel free to write, email or call me with questions.   

Dan J. Davis

352 North Spring Street

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Tupelo, Mississippi 38802

(662) 841-1090  

Email:  dan@dandavisattorney.com

*We have had two or three  cases over the years where, for one reason or another, adoptive parents  have had to be here more than once for Court appearances. 

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